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Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts Crossover Community
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21st-May-2006 12:30 pm - Who dun it!?!?!
Crossover: Clue* the movie not the game* and Kingdom Hearts
Several people who have never met are invited to a dinner party held by the wealthy Xehanort. Just after diner however the host is murdered and every one including the sevants of the house are suspects. Will the crime be solved before someone else is murdered?
3rd-May-2006 07:48 pm(no subject)
More crossover plot bunnies blot bunnies! Inspired by KHII which is an awesome game. If you haven’t played it yet you should!

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also! if you are a Namiku, or Namine/Riku fan check out our new affiliate naminexriku
21st-Mar-2006 09:23 pm(no subject)
This communty is wicked cool and I thinkwe should promote it all over the place! Im sure we've done some but could ya tell me where since I wanna do some of my own(=

I mean their are literally so many crossover fics out there and like 100 more ideas for them. People have crossover ideas all the time; everytime I watch a movie or watch a show im like how can i apply this to FF fanfiction? Hehehe

I wish i could do graphics and banners cause I wanna make some for this community...can I go to a graphics place and just request em? If i get the go ahead Ill go on ahead and bug some people for banners and all that palooza.
1st-Mar-2006 10:22 am - I have not had enough sleep,
and this is proof.

From the deranged mind that brought you...All those other crack crossovers comes...Another crack crossover.

Presenting: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Destiny

Kairi Tendou is an ordinary 14 year old girl living in Tokyo a bit hyper and clumsy like any girl, Her favorite things to do are hang with her best friend Selphie, and gawk at cute boys. But all that changes one day after Kairi rescues a moogle from some obnoxious little kids.
Soon after she finds out she is actually Sailor Destiny, the solder of love, justice, and protector of hearts form the evil Heartless Kingdom! The moogle Mogenki tells Kairi it is her destiny to fight the forces of evil to save the lost Kokoro no Hime, but she won’t be alone! Her very first night on the job Sailor Destiny is rescued by the mysterious Masked Keybade Wielder, who she feels strangely connected to. Soon she is also joined by Sailor Twilight, fellow classmate Olette Hakumei, and Sailor Oblivion, Naminé Boukyaku the shy artist who attends the near by private school, there is also the mysterious Shadowy figure who appears from time to time but Kairi is not sure he’s really on their side... And he reminds her of that jerk Riku from school...

Will Kairi be able to save the world and keep up with her school work? Will she be able to keep her secret from Sephie? Will she EVER get Riku to leave her alone? And why do the damn fuku skirts have to be so short!?!?!?!

(Definatly did not get enough sleep....)
20th-Feb-2006 07:29 pm - another FFVII /Harry Potter crossover
because yes I am that crazy!

Name of Bunny:My Bloody Valentine
Genre(s):Crossover with Final Fantasy VII, action, drama, post-HBP, post-Advent Children
Characters: Vincent Valentine, Severus Snape, Voldemort, Death Eaters, Chaos
Pairings: Up to you.
Description of Bunny: The events of the Meteor Crisis happened so long ago that even in the wizard world they are little more than myth. Vincent Valentine made immortal by Hojo’s experiments on his body is the only one who remembers that distant past. Now however he has been captured by Voldemort who wants to find the secret of his immortality. He puts Severus Snape in charge of the project. The DE have a big problem on their hands however when Chaos is unleashed.

crossposted at hp_plotbunnies
17th-Feb-2006 04:20 pm - Awesome Community Idea(=
Heyyyyy Im new and my name is Isabella; u can call me Sabe. And I found this community when looking for a KH fanfiction community; and Im happy i did since I <3 crossovers. Mostly FF to FF or to KH crossovers. I love Harry Potter to; I'v never thought of crossing them until now. Its actually a friggin awesome idea; Selphie, Rikku, and Yuffie at hogwarts? Alright FF/HP crossvovers will be my new crack on crack addiction(=

I have two preguntas though; can I just leave a link to a ff.net story or do I have to put it under a lj-cut? Do I put the FF.net link under the lj-cut? I dont know how to make a lj-cut so an explanation would be much appreciated(= Its probably wicked easy but Im a bit slow and I don't use LJ much so I dont know all the basic stuff.

Oh and does just having KH or FF characters in another setting but without the people from that setting count? Like say putting the KH cast in the Serenity world; or Firefly world but not having the original people there? So its like the KH cast is replacing them in a way. And uh could I have made that question any longer or more complicated then i made it? Oh and Serenity is that sci-fi movie that came out and FireFly is the show it was based on. Awesome show and awesome movie(=
7th-Feb-2006 06:05 pm - More Plot Bunnies
#1.Kingdom Hearts/Fushigi Yuugi
Kairi and Namine trying to find a way to help Sora and Riku stumble upon the Shijin ten shishou and are sucked in. Now Kairi has become Suzaku no Miko and Namine is Seiryuu no Miko. While Kairi has her hands full trying to find the seishi hoping the power of Suzaku can help defeat the heartless, Namine has her own problems, she is determined not to let Nakago control her the way the organization did. Nakago however now has to deal with not only the Suzaku no Seishi but also Sora, and Riku who have come to save Namine and Kairi, and members of the order who want Namine and Kairi under their control.

#2.Kingdom Hearts/Fushigi Yuugi
Kind of like the one above but instead of Kairi and Namine, Sora and Riku are the ones sucked in to the book.(It could happen..)

#3.CSI/Final Fantasy
CSI: Midgar/ CSI: Eshtar/ CSI: Alexandra/ CSI: Zanarkand, you get the idea have fun.

#4.Kingdom Hearts/S-cry-Ed
Kingdom hearts characters as Alter users.
21st-Jan-2006 08:39 pm - because I'm bored
here is another plot bunny and some art by me!!!

Name of Bunny: Veil to Oblivion (Chain of Memories/ Harry Potter)
Genre(s): Crossover, AU for Chain of Memories
Characters: Sirius Black, Namine, Diz, members of the XIII-Order
Pairings: That is up to the author
Description of Bunny: After falling through the veil Sirius wakes up in Castle Oblivion, where he meets Namine the young witch imprisoned there. Namine offers to help him regain the memories he lost in Azkaban and help him get back to Harry if he can help her escape the XIII-Order. Now Namine and Sirius have to make their way down the 13 floors of Castle Oblivion while trying to avoid Marluxia, and survive Sirius' memories of the war in the wizard world.

(art is under the cut)
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20th-Jan-2006 06:46 pm - plot bunnies
here are some plot bunnies for people to adopt!

#1. After the events of Final Fantasy VII Cloud is transported to Middle Earth and Joins the fellowship.
#2. Lulu becomes the new Defense against the Darkarts teacher at Hogwarts.
#3. Sora and company as students at Hogwarts.
#4. Rincewind the "Wizzard" finds himself in Midgar and despite his best efforts ends up helping to save the world again...and this world is not even HIS!
#5. Sora has to seal the door to the heart of Diskworld... But the heart of Diskworld is inside the Great A'tuin. How is he going to accomplish that?
20th-Jan-2006 05:47 pm - first post.
Welcome to the Final Fantasy Kingdom hearts crossover community!
I'm your friendly moderator tasogare_n_hime. If you want to join please read the rules for the community on the user info page. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
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